A European Laboratory for work-based learning

The REFRAME platform wants to be a starting tool to create synergies and other collaborations between vet providers and companies for the development of structured paths integrating traditional learning and periods of working practice.

The CO-Design section represents the heart of the platform and intends to be the concrete tool to create the work-based learning path, shared by schools and businesses.

VET providers and companies can register on the website by filling out a registration form. Through the registration form, schools and businesses can create a dashboard to publish their own training offers.

A company that is interested in an offer from a school can co-design its training course, by first viewing the list of competences that the company is able to offer, and lastly integrating these competences with other additions (if there are any). The result of the co-project is a document that can be downloaded by both parties to sign an agreement on the training course.


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